Claudia Confetti Cube

Claudia Confetti Cube

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Our stunning personalised confetti cubes are stackable, so not only do they look great on their own but you can display them together in all sorts of eye-catching ways. A tower? Pyramid? Mini church? Get creative!

We offer eight gorgeous petal mixes, so you’re sure to find the perfect match to complement your wedding colour theme. What’s more, they are all natural, un-dyed and eco-friendly. Each confetti cube is filled with a generous handful of beautiful biodegradable petal confetti.

Simply use the drop-down menu to select your preferred mix.

Our Confetti Cubes come with four options:

  • Just the confetti cube

  • With personalised labels

  • Tied with a luxury bamboo silk ribbon

  • Tied with hemp cotton string

Select which option you would like from the drop-down menu.

Please note: A minimum order of 24 is required.

Cube Options:
Petal Mix:
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To use: Our cubes are super easy to open. Just remove the seal on the side of the cube and pour the petals into your hand ready to throw over the newlyweds.

Dimensions: Confetti Cube 5.1cm x 5.1cm x 5.1cm

Storage: Our petals will keep for up to a year. Please store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Confetti cubes can be re-used and/or recycled when finished.

Delivery: Due to the made-to-order process, please allow 1-2 weeks for your confetti to be poured, labelled, assembled and delivered.


Cherries and Berries

This beautiful blend of pink and burgundy biodegradable confetti comes from delphiniums, grown in the UK. It combines Candy Floss, Burgundy Berry and Cherry Blossom petals.

Moulin Rouge

Blending burgundy and cream confetti, Moulin Rouge is a combination of Icing Sugar and Burgundy Berry petals. They are sourced from delphiniums and cornflowers that have all been grown in the UK.


Wonderland offers a muted colour palette of pastel pink, lilac and cream biodegradable confetti. The Icing Sugar, Candy Floss and Frosted Blue petals all come from delphiniums grown in the UK.

Sunshine Kisses

This beautiful blend of bright yellow and cream biodegradable confetti is a combination of Icing Sugar and Honey Bee petals. They all come from delphiniums and calendula and they’re all grown in the UK.

Winter’s Morn

Icing Sugar and Lady Grey petals from delphiniums grown in the UK make up this gorgeous blend of grey and cream biodegradable confetti.


Black Tie and Icing Sugar petals from delphiniums and cornflowers, all grown in the UK, come together to create this elegant blend of cream and black biodegradable confetti.

Enchanted Woods

This gorgeous blend of green and cream biodegradable confetti is a combination of Icing Sugar and Envy petals. They are natural, dye-free delphiniums and hydrangeas.